How many drivers can you have?

We can offer race experiences for groups of up to 32 drivers. Using our four high quality, ultra-realistic and immersive racing simulators, we have the facilities to create hot-lap or championship events for corporate, team building, or special events (birthday parties/stag dos etc). Simply click here to book now.

Can you Drift?

Whilst we do have a small selection of drifting cars, it’s a big challenge for most drivers. We do not currently have an external handbrake meaning we have to purely rely on weight transfer. However, it is something we are planning to add for the future!

Can you do Rally driving on the Apex simulators?

Unfortunately our simulators are not built to drive in rally environments. As our set-ups are designed for track experiences, we have paddle gear shifters on the steering wheel and do not have an external handbrake. However, it is something we are planning to add for the future!

Is there a minimum age?

Usually we advise all our drivers to be at least 10 years or above. It’s worth noting that children under the height of 140cm may not be able to reach the pedals or see over the steering wheel. The comfort and safety of our drivers is the most important thing!

What cars/tracks can I drive?

We have a very large index of cars and tracks to drive, with approximately 80 different cars and over 100 track variations, there’s plenty of options available! If you’d like to check out our full car/track list, head over to and check out our full range!